The Search Engine

The Search Engine asks what unnamed search engines have existed and where have they been hiding. Where might they be found, and what should they be?

Issue 04, Instruments of Service

An Online Roundtable

Curated by Jennifer W. Leung. Featuring Curt Gambetta, Mustafa Faruki, Lori Brown, Filip Tejchman, Michelle Fornabai, Wendy W. Fok, Meejin Yoon, McLain Clutter, Alan Smart, Magdalena Milosz, and Rafi Segal.

Tag-team commentary.


By Denise Scott Brown

What architecture offers to academia.

Instruments of Service

Instruments of Service questions the status of the instrument and of service. What does it mean to serve? What is left to instrumentalize, to monetize and to influence?


Arlington, VA, United States.

Lunchbox Laboratory

A kit by Futurefarmers + the Biological Sciences Team, National Renewable Energy Lab.


Heathfield and London, United Kingdom.


An installation by Nicola Twilley and Geoff Manaugh.


A kit by Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg & James King, with the University of Cambridge iGEM Team.


Colorado Springs, CO, United States.

Issue 03, Performance

Forensic Methodology

A symposium with speakers Orit Halpern, Andrés Jaque, Hod Lipson and Michael Sorkin. Organized by Esteban de Backer, David Isaac Hecht, Alejandro Stein and Che-Wei Yeh. Moderated by Janette Kim, Diana Martinez, Leah Meisterlin and Susanne Schindler.

How does architectural research work?

Issue 02, The Search Engine

Engine Trouble

by Garrett Ricciardi and Julian Rose of Formlessfinder

An in-house, open-source wiki, an architect’s data and graphic standards, a product catalog and materials database, and a visualizer.

Create a Debate

We invite all readers and contributors to create a debate. To do so:1. Write a short title.2. Write a brief prompt with questions for other readers and contributors. We encourage you to mention the author and title of any related ARPA Journal articles somewhere in your text. Please also write your name and affiliation as a ‘signature’ […]


A Aarts, Emile., Réné Collier, Evert van Loenen, and Boris de Ruyter, eds. Ambient Intelligence. Proceedings from the First European Symposium, EUSAI 2003, Veldhoven, the Netherlands, November 3–4, 2003 (Berlin: Springer Verlag, 2003). Cited in Schnee. Aarts, Emile., Rick Harwig, and Martin Schuurmans, “Ambient intelligence.” The Invisible Future: The Seamless Integration of Technology into Everyday Life, ed. Peter J. […]

Test Subjects

Test Subjects focuses on the contended nature of application in architectural research.


EMILY ABRUZZO Contributor. Emily Abruzzo, AIA, LEED AP is partner in ABRUZZO BODZIAK ARCHITECTS, recipients of the 2010 Architectural League Prize, AIA New Practices New York 2012, and selected for the New York City Department of Design + Construction Excellence Program. She is a Fellow of The Forum and Institute for Urban Design, and a […]

Cracker Jack

This bonus issue collects documentation of strange and significant laboratories in the history of research.


CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: ISSUE 05 CONFLICTS OF INTEREST “Conflicts of interest” are said to compromise the impartiality of research, but what would it mean to be disinterested? Ethical codes warn us that researchers’ objectivity can be corrupted by a clashing set of interests—those of funding agencies, clients and publics, as well as researchers’ self-interest in […]


MISSION Research is everywhere. Architects incite action, design materials and archive cities. They capitalize upon the excess energy of practice to launch unsolicited experiments into the world, or sidestep clients by joining forces with government think tanks. Discussions from classrooms have found currency at town halls, and findings from construction sites have migrated into basement […]